Supporters' clubs play an essential role in fostering and promoting the spirit of FC Barcelona. In recent years, many new Barça supporters' clubs have emerged on different continents worldwide, all with a wish to share their passion for Barça. With over 1270 existing supporters' clubs, it is essential this relationship between the Club and these entities remains as close and efficient as possible. For this reason, the regulations have been updated in order to adapt to these modern times and the ever-increasing number of entities. 

These are some of the requirements every supporters’ club has to meet in order to be considered official by the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation and FC Barcelona: 

  1. Supporters’ clubs must have a minimum number of members according to the inhabitants in their town/city.

  2. The president of supporters’ clubs must hold an FC Barcelona membership card throughout his/her entire term. 
    How to become a FC Barcelona member? Any Barça fan can become a member, without any type of restriction. All they have to do is go to the Member’s Office (OAB), from Monday to Friday (9 AM – 3 PM), previously making an appointment here.  
    Thereby, based on the principles of democracy and universality, all the official supporters who are commitment card holders, will become a FC Barcelona member directly.  

  3. The board of directors must be formed by at least a president, a secretary and a treasurer. 

  4. Supporters’ clubs, at the time of formation and as long as they exist, must have a minimum of members who hold a membership card

  5. The registered address of supporters’ clubs laid out in their articles of association may not, in any case, be a private residence and must be premises or a flat preferably be intended for cultural or recreational use. 

  6. The name of the supporters’ club must contain references to FC Barcelona and its geographical area

  7. The supporters’ club must be affiliated with the corresponding Federation

  8. The supporters’ club must comply with the provisions of the Supporters’ Clubs Regulations and the regulations on associations. 

  9. Among others procedures, the supporters’ club must update every year all the data requested by the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation. 

For further information, you can review the current Supporters’ Clubs Regulations